A field is undergoing construction and needs land to be removed in the shape of a rectangular prism. The land to be removed has a length of 1.4 × 104 in, a width of 4.3 × 103 in, and a height of 1.6 × 103 in. Find the volume of the land in scientific notation and in standard form. Answers should not be rounded. The volume of the land written in scientific notation is a × 10b cubic inches, where a____ is and B is____ . The volume of the land written in standard form is____ cubic inches.

Accepted Solution

Answer:a = 9.632  and b is 10 9.632*10^10 in^3  scientific form96,320,000,000   in^3  standard formStep-by-step explanation:To find volume of a rectangular prismV = l*w*h    = 1.4 * 10^4   ( 4.3 * 10^3)   (1.6* 10^3)When multiply powers of 10, we multiply the numbers out front1.4*4.3*1.6 =9.632Then we add the powers of 1010^(4+3+3)10^10The volume is 9.632*10^10 in^3a = 9.632  and b is 10In standard form we move the decimal 10 places to the right.  If there are not enough numbers we add zeros 9.632*10^10 in^396,320,000,000   in^3