PLZ HELP ASAP! WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST!3. Use rigid motions to explain whether the figures are congruent. ΔABC is the pre-image. ΔA’B’C’ is the image. Be sure to describe specific rigid motions in your explanation. Hint: There are two transformations represented, in a distinct order. A specific description of the rigid motion would include the following information:- Translation: A description of vertical and horizontal change (the translation vector)- Reflection: Identify the line of reflection in equation format- Rotation: Identify the point of rotation, the direction, and degree of rotation.

Accepted Solution

Answer:   multiple possibilities, see belowStep-by-step explanation:The figures are congruent. Any of the rigid motions described below will map ABC to A'B'C'.__This question has multiple answers. The simplest is one transformation:   rotation 180° (in either direction) about the point (1/2, 1/2)__Equivalent to the above is two reflections (in either order):reflection across the line y = 1/2reflection across the line x = 1/2__If you want to use rotation about another point, such as the origin, then these transformations (in order) will give the image figure:rotation 180° (in either direction) about the origintranslation by (1, 1): up and right 1 unit each.__You could also do something a little more strange, such as (in order) ...rotation 90° CW about (2, 1)rotation 90° CW about (0, 2)