The below shows a square ABCD and an equilateral triangle DPC:Nick makes the chart shown below to prove that triangle APD is congruent to triangle BPC:Which of the following completes Nick's proof?A) P is the vertex of the equilateral triangleB) Sides of equilateral triangle DPC are equalC) Triangle APB is an isosceles triangleD) DC is the base of an equilateral triangle​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option B)  Sides of equilateral triangle DPC are equalStep-by-step explanation:As given:DPC is an equilateral triangleBy definition of equilateral triangles: All the three sides of triangle DPC will be equal in length to each otheri.e.DP=PC=DCIn Nick's proof , justification of DP=PC is option B) Sides of equilateral triangle DPC are equal !