The figure below shows segments PQ and RS which intersect at point t. Segment PR is parallel to segment SQ.Which of these facts is used to prove that triangle PTR is stimilar to triangle QTS?A) Line Segment RT Is Congruent To Line Segment TPB) Line Segment ST Is Congruent To Line Segment TQC) Angle PTR Is Congruent To Angle QTSD) Angle PRT Is Congruent To Angle QTS​

Accepted Solution

Answer:CStep-by-step explanation:Anything that says congruent line segments using this figure is incorrect. There are no givens that indicate any congruency of segments. So both A and B are incorrect. PRT and QTS are vertically opposite and are equal. All vertically opposite angles are equal to the angle across from them. C must be your answer.PRT might Be equal to QTS. Most of the time this will not be true. D is not universally the answer.