The following system has a solution: x=10, y=-3, z=14

Accepted Solution

Answer:FalseStep-by-step explanation:In this problem, we have the following System of Three Equations in Three Variables, so our goal is to determine whether [tex]x=10, \ y=-3, \ z=14[/tex] is the solution to this system, that is, the ordered triple [tex]P(x,y,z)[/tex] where three planes intersect.The easier way to find the answer is to plug in the x, y and z values in the equations and figure out whether the equations satisfy the solutions. Then:[tex]First \ Equation: \\ \\ 3(10)+7(-3)-14=-5 \\ \\ It \ satisfies \ the \ first \ equation \\ \\ \\ Second \ Equation: \\ \\ 9(10)-(-3)-4(14)=37 \neq 17 \\ \\ It \ doesn't \ satisfy \ the \ second \ equation[/tex]STOP HERE! Since the x, y an z values doesn't satisfy the second equation, the [tex]x=10, \ y=-3, \ z=14[/tex] is not the solution to the system of equations.